Aubrey Beardsley's largest exhibition of drawings in 50 years.  He was know to explore the erotic , humorous and elegant through his  black and white drawing which both shocked and overjoyed  Victorian London. 

This exhibition will showcase intense career of a master draughtsmen and illustrator. A life sadly cut short through tuberculosis at the young age of just 25. 

Showing at Tate Britain until September 2020.



A  collection of Naum Gabo sculptures , drawings and architectural designs. The exhibition marks the centenary of the Realistic Manifesto , a set of principles launched by Naum Gabo.

works  as part of dialogue on how authenticity of modern Art should engage within the reflect the modern age. 

Until September 27th 2020

It is one of the most

stunning beauty spots in Cornwall and one of the places that first

attracted artists to the far south-west of England. More than 100 painters,

sculptors, etchers and potters, as well as writers and poets, are thought to

have lived or worked near Lamorna Cove in the first 30 years of the 20th

century. But the cove’s future

now hangs in the balance after it was put on the market. Local people are

anxious about who may buy it, insisting that only a public body would be able

to protect the cove and could afford to maintain it.

 “What happens to Lamorna is a concern...