Tate Britain is showcasing over three hundred watercolours , paintings and prints

by the rebellious and radical William Blake .

an insight to to his political vision and personal struggles.

His dream made into a reality with the work shown on an enormous scale

using digital technology. 

11/09/19 - 02/02/2020 

Tate Modern is holding the first UK exhibition of the Hungarian  Artist , Teacher and curator Dóra Maurer.

Bringing together thirty five works , including films , paintings , photographs and graphic work.

Dóra Maurer trained as a graphic artist in the 1950s ,  following two decades of pushing the boundaries of  her experimental work she later went on to produce photos and moving image. collaborating with musicians and teaching workshops .

This show is a free entry year long exhibition exploring Dora's shear diversity as an artist and a creative mind.

05/08/19 -...

Tate St Ives is showcasing the first UK museum exhibition of Artist Otobong Nkanga.

'From where I stand' represents the Artists vast use of different mediums including tapestry,

drawings, Photography, Installation videos and performance .

The show is about the connection between the politics of land and the relationship to the body, its ownership and acquisition. 

Otobong is one of the most interesting and exciting contemporary Artists working today.


The Royal Academy is showcasing over eighty paintings and prints by swiss Artist Félix Vallotton . An exquisite print maker and a wonderful colourtist , known for his post impressionistic style  Capturing life on the streets of paris . He joined a stylistic revolution known as the 'nabis' group ,which included Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard . 

This show runs till the 29/09/19

It is one of the most

stunning beauty spots in Cornwall and one of the places that first

attracted artists to the far south-west of England. More than 100 painters,

sculptors, etchers and potters, as well as writers and poets, are thought to

have lived or worked near Lamorna Cove in the first 30 years of the 20th

century. But the cove’s future

now hangs in the balance after it was put on the market. Local people are

anxious about who may buy it, insisting that only a public body would be able

to protect the cove and could afford to maintain it.

 “What happens to Lamorna is a concern...

Tate Liverpool  is holding Keith Haring's first major U.K exhibition. Keith Haring  was part of a big graffiti /pop art scene in New York during the 1980's . He has  worked along artists such as Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat . He made record covers for RUN DMC , david Bowie directed music videos and developed his own fashion line. 

his work comes from a response to the urgent issues concerning Politics , Homophobia , racism , AIDS and drug addiction . 

this show will run till the 10th November 2019

A programme of free Tate workshops for museum and gallery professionals which focus on sharing works of art

Facilitated by Tate Registrars and taking place in venues across the UK from April 2018, this workshop series will aim to explore a deeper understanding of the principles of collection management and how to bring judgement to their application.

With training delivered across two days, the workshops will be a forum for discussing the sharing of collections in all ways imaginable; through lending and borrowing, acquiring, transfers between collections, sharing ownership and making...