• 17th October 2018

Layla Rosalind Nashashibi (born 1973) is a Palestinian-English artist based in Liverpool.

Nashashibi was born in 1973 to a Palestinian father and Irish mother, in Croydon, a large town in South London, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Sheffield Hallam University, South Yorkshire, U.K. in 1995. She then moved to Glasgow to study at the Glasgow School of Art, where she received a Master of Fine Arts in 2000.

  • 10th October 2018 to 31st October 2018

released a video showing how he secretly built a shredder into the painting

which made headlines around the world when it self destructed at an

auction last week.

color:black"Onlookers at Sotheby's in London were stunned when, just moments

after selling for more than £1m, the Girl With Balloon painting shredded in

front of them, coming out of the bottom of the frame in strips. Now, Banksy has

revealed how he did it. A video on his official Instagram page...

At The Tate Gallery until 29th April 2018 'Virginia Woolf an exhibition inspired by her writings'.

Acclaimed author is the inspiration behind this exhibition which explores her writing and her context in feminist perspective, works feature Laura Knight, Gwen John, Vanessa Bell, Winifred Nicholson, Sandra Blow, Dora Carrington and many more.

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It is one of the most

stunning beauty spots in Cornwall and one of the places that first

attracted artists to the far south-west of England. More than 100 painters,

sculptors, etchers and potters, as well as writers and poets, are thought to

have lived or worked near Lamorna Cove in the first 30 years of the 20th

century. But the cove’s future

now hangs in the balance after it was put on the market. Local people are

anxious about who may buy it, insisting that only a public body would be able

to protect the cove and could afford to maintain it.

 “What happens to Lamorna is a concern...

A programme of free Tate workshops for museum and gallery professionals which focus on sharing works of art

Facilitated by Tate Registrars and taking place in venues across the UK from April 2018, this workshop series will aim to explore a deeper understanding of the principles of collection management and how to bring judgement to their application.

With training delivered across two days, the workshops will be a forum for discussing the sharing of collections in all ways imaginable; through lending and borrowing, acquiring, transfers between collections, sharing ownership and making...