Born in London in 1933, Reg Watkiss went on to play a major role in the West Cornwall art scene as an outstanding painter, author and photographer.

He studied at Walthamstow School of Art and later at the Royal Academy Schools and whilst there he won the David Murray Landscape Travelling Prize.

He arrived in West Cornwall in 1951 and married his wife Gill Watkiss, another well-known local artist, in 1958. Both their work can be found in public and private collections internationally.

Reg Watkiss is well remembered for his paintings of the landscape of West Cornwall. His work reflects the sweeping and often bleak scenery of the local moors, headlands and wind-swept peninsulas. 

This typical style can be seen in his piece Winter Headland that we have at the Tyler Gallery. 

Of the four elements – water, fire, air and earth - water is the vital force in Essex Tyler’s work. Not surprisingly, given that his identity as a surfer, sailor and fisherman bleeds into his art. 

As a painter, Essex brings together big liquid skies, the irascible Atlantic Ocean and the copper-stained cliffs of West Cornwall in landscapes that move one step beyond his contemporaries in capturing a quiet intensity, a kind of celebratory brooding.

There is wild freedom to Essex's work that reflects the ever-changing Cornish coast and a personal love and knowledge of the sea. This...

Joan Gilchrest was born in London in 1918 and went on to study at the Grosvenor School of Art under Iain Macnab, as well as in Paris at Gwen John’s studios. Early on in her career, she held exhibitions at the Royal Academy and the New England Art Club.

In 1958, Joan moved to Mousehole and started exhibiting her work at the Newly Art Gallery and the St Ives Society of artists. She painted alongside artists such as Francis Bacon, William Scott and Augustus John. 

From the 1970s Gilchrest developed her distinctive naïve style, and her oil paintings were significantly influenced by...

Having painted and exhibited in Cornwall since 1979, Steve Slimm is recognised as a noteworthy Cornish landscape painter. Working mainly in mixed media- emulsions, acrylic and oils- Slimm has developed a recognisable style and a very impressive use of light.

With Turner as an obvious influence during the early years, the Cornish landscape remains the dominant inspiration reflected in his work. His work is now far from realism, with an emotional intensity that is self-evident. His shows are always colourful, with most pieces hallmarked by a deep sense of mystery.

Steve Slimm contemplates on...

We currently have a range of fantastic artists and pieces, ranging from emerging Cornish painters and established artists to prominent names from the infamous Newlyn School. 

Whether you enjoy traditional seascapes, abstract compositions or stunning ceramics, our extensive collection includes pieces and styles for a wide range of artistic tastes.

Please click the following link to view our full exhibition, which showcases a selection of fabulous paintings currently on display in our gallery:

Born in 1918 in the small fishing village of Mousehole, Jack Pender grew up in a working harbour surrounded by fishermen. This upbringing is substantially reflected in his work, which consists of Cornish harbour scenes, abstracted vessels and fishermen, usually painted in oils. 

Jack Pender is widely respected throughout the artistic community, with his work on display in both local and international collections. 

Attending the Penzance School of Art before the Second World War, Pender started painting seriously in 1936. His travels and studies took him to Greece, Bristol and Exeter, but...

The next exhibition at Penlee House will be a celebration of its fascinating and varied collection. It is twenty-five years since major refurbishment of the Gallery took place and in that time the collection has expanded significantly.

To celebrate this quarter-century milestone, the Penlee House team has taken a fresh look through the stores to draw out some of the most significant acquisitions in the Gallery’s history, with a focus on art and artefacts collected since 1997. Showcasing some of the earliest works to form the collection as well as more recent additions, the exhibition...

Renowned British abstract artist Terry Frost (13 October 1915 – 1 September 2003) studied at Birmingham College of Art, Camberwell School of Art and St Ives School of Painting.

It was during his time at the St Ives School of Painting that he had his first solo exhibition in 1947 at G.B. Downing’s bookshop. He continued to exhibit with the St Ives Society of Artists until he was elected a member of the Penwith Society in 1950 and maintained a permanent connection with the Newlyn school.

By 1951, Frost was working as an assistant to sculptor Barbara Hepworth in St Ives, where he was...

Colourful and lively acrylic paint installation by the American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt was seminal in establishing the notion of ‘conceptual art’ during the 1960s. Wall Drawing #1136 Curved and straight color bands 2004 is one of a number of highly coloured wall pieces he made. It includes seven vibrant colours to create an overwhelming chromatic environment that envelopes the viewer. The curve, snakes along the wall. Every band in the wall drawing is of the same width and there is no area left empty of colour.

It has been produced for Tate St Ives by a team of...

Titian interpretations of classical myths at London National Gallery .

In 1951 Titian was commissioned by Prince Phillip of Spain to produce a group of paintings showcasing the classical myths taken from Roman Poet Ovid's 'metamorphosis'. 

The exhibition reunites all six paintings in the series , from Boston Madrid and London. 

Dod Procter , Doris Margaret Shaw , RA was born in Hampstead in 1890 . Procter and her husband Ernest Procter attended art schools in both England and Paris , influenced by both Impressionism and Post - impressionism movements. 

In 1907 Dod's mother moved the family to family to the fishing port  of Newlyn , Cornwall. It was at age fifteen Dod enrolled in  painting courses ran by Elizabeth Forbes and Stanhope Forbes

A look at the extraordinary life of artist  Andy Warhol.

Warhol the son of immigrants , who became one of Americas biggest Artistic icons . Born in 1928 to working class parents from Slovakia .

It was in 1949 he moved to New York , he worked as an illustrator for some time before becoming the one of the most talked about Pop Artists of today.  

This retrospective is the first major show at the Tate for nearly twenty years . It includes never before seen work in the UK , along with the iconic 'Monroe' , 'Coca - Cola ' and Campbell 'Soup cans' .  

It is one of the most

stunning beauty spots in Cornwall and one of the places that first

attracted artists to the far south-west of England. More than 100 painters,

sculptors, etchers and potters, as well as writers and poets, are thought to

have lived or worked near Lamorna Cove in the first 30 years of the 20th

century. But the cove’s future

now hangs in the balance after it was put on the market. Local people are

anxious about who may buy it, insisting that only a public body would be able

to protect the cove and could afford to maintain it.

 “What happens to Lamorna is a concern...