Latest Exhibition Penlee House Gallery & Museum : Penlee Inspired

  • 18th January 2023 to 22nd April 2023

Now in its fifth edition, Penlee Inspired makes a welcome return to Penlee House Gallery & Museum, exhibiting artistic responses from the public to the Gallery’s collections of art and artefacts.

This unique exhibition will showcase contemporary talent: professional artists, amateurs and total beginners have been invited to create works in a variety of media, including paintings, prints, poetry and more. Filling the galleries alongside the pieces that inspired them, these modern works will highlight not only the breadth of artistic skill in contemporary Cornwall and further afield, but the enduring power and relevance of these earlier works.

With over a hundred entries, staff at Penlee have carefully selected pieces that show not just technical proficiency, but a direct link to the Gallery & Museum, its collections and exhibitions. In previous years, entrants have ranged from schoolchildren to retirees, artists to fishermen, and each piece combined personal memory, experience and creativity with the influence of Penlee House’s historic collections.

Galleries 2, 3 and 4 – including selected Newlyn School paintings throughout.

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