Latest Work by Steve Slimm

Having painted and exhibited in Cornwall since 1979, Steve Slimm is recognised as a noteworthy Cornish landscape painter. Working mainly in mixed media- emulsions, acrylic and oils- Slimm has developed a recognisable style and a very impressive use of light.

With Turner as an obvious influence during the early years, the Cornish landscape remains the dominant inspiration reflected in his work. His work is now far from realism, with an emotional intensity that is self-evident. His shows are always colourful, with most pieces hallmarked by a deep sense of mystery.

Steve Slimm contemplates on his own art : “I’m more interested in using landscape as a means of expressing something – in other words, abstracting the landscape. So more and more I’m thinking of myself as a landscape expressionist painter – using the land as a vehicle for expressing something that goes far beyond depicting form.” 

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